"just some people we met in Lubango. thought to share with you."
[Shani Silverman, AWB consultant to the UNICEF Mines Awareness Program,
Angola, October 2001.]

(Cambodia 1992)
Land mines are an
invisible enemy,
forgotten in the earth.
Mines continue to take
the lives of a high
number of innocent
victims, mostly farmers,
even many years after
the battles have ended.

(Sikkim 1992)
The infant mortality
rate in Sikkim, as in
most other developing
countries, is extremely high. Many children spend their days caring for younger sisters and brothers. Very few go
to school.

Dear friends and supporters, Shalom,

Best wishes for a great new year...
one more year of shared humanity.

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We simply save lives


To date, AWB has sent 31 fully sponsored volunteers and experts who spent a total of 70 months in the field (Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Angola, Mozambique), training and sharing knowledge with local professionals, saving and improving thousands of lives, especially those of children.