an eyeTravel project by Erez T. Yanuv

"while standing in front of the classrooms full of bodies around the church in Nyarubuye, in southeastern Rwanda, my companion from the defense ministry in Kigali explains that through the years Tutsis has been taught that their day will come, that their faith is one, to die, that there is no power in the world that will change it.

'this is why the resistance was so small,' he explains. People were brought to their death, like sheep to the slaughter, quietly, with no resistance, whispering prayers, like accepting their fate and coming to terms with it in silence."

this exhibition is dedicated to my Rwandan brother and my Rwandan family and to all the victims of the Rwandan genocide and the long years of war. especially, for the innocent children, that found their death during the massacre, the fighting, and in the refugee camps.

special thanks to Malachi from Total Graphics, to Oren for the long hours in preparing the material, to Jeff, Miri, Matt, Susan, Rozet and Ahmed for their help in translation and editing, to Adi for frames sponsoring and especially to Alfred for his support and encouragement during the past two years.

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