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We simply save lives



(Cambodia 1992)
Land mines are an
invisible enemy,
forgotten in the earth.
Mines continue to take
the lives of a high
number of innocent
victims, mostly farmers,
even many years after
the battles have ended.

Aid Without Borders

Jubilee 2000 coalition:

During the summer, Siyua Le'lo Gvulot, started collaborating with two of Israel's leading environmental organizations, Peula Yeruka and Megama Yeruka, in creating a first-of-its-kind Israeli coalition, supporting a global struggle to rid developing countries of their enormous debts.

In doing so, we joined Jubilee 2000, an international movement, calling for cancellation of the unpayable debt of the world's poorest countries by the end of the year 2000, under a fair and transparent process.

According to the latest UN estimates, the debts crisis is causing the actual death of about 19,000 children every day.  The poorest countries of the world are overwhelmed with debts they would never be able to pay back, causing as a result, strangled economies, wide spread and deepening poverty, with no chance for any future economical growth.

For more info and action, please visit: (for Hebrew version)

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